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Quality & Safety The Roadhouse Way

Roadhouse have created a safety and quality environment throughout our workforce that is unrivalled. We work with our clients to improve and adapt our quality and safety management to meet the client’s high demands. We design and build our own safety management equipment and train our workforce to the highest standards; specific to our projects.

Quote from Arlo Dew, Construction Manager, Crossrail Tunnels.

'You have done such a great job, totally amazing. The safety was great; the quality was great the efforts were superb.’

Extract from Crossrail tunnel works internal magazine 2016.

‘Special mention must go to Roadhouse. They pulled off this Olympian feat of endurance with an unwavering commitment to their craft, a strong safety culture and an untiring positive attitude that was evident to all who witnessed their progress.’

SKANSKA Safety Award
Roadhouse Safety Station
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