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About the Company

Established in 2011, Roadhouse Building & Civil Engineering Ltd are a construction company that specialise in reinforced concrete works throughout the UK, on motorway and tunnel schemes and also in constructing high quality homes in South East of England.

Motorway Division

Motorway Civil EngineeringIn 2007/2008, the Government brought in changes on how our motorways are constructed .The old type central reserve metal crash barrier was redesigned to a new concrete step barrier to improve safety and durability and so that it can be widened to incorporate warning signs in the central reserve.

The concrete specialist company PJ Davidsons UK ltd were involved in the installation of this new product with their slip form paving machines from the start, and invited us to work on their behalf installing sections of the concrete step barrier that could not be installed with their concrete paving machine.

The concrete step barrier is now a familiar site on motorways and we continue to install it all over the UK on contracts ranging from small contracts on A roads up to large motorway schemes with hundreds of in-situ pours.

We have built up a reputation of providing the highest quality of workmanship and safety management on these contract which is unrivalled on these difficult schemes. Our workforce are highly trained and experienced in working in the difficult motorway working environment contract which can run 24/7.

Our quality of work and safety has also led us to be involved with the building testing of a new anti -terrorist wall and its first installation at the entrance to Edinburgh airport, being invited by large clients like Balfour Beatty and Skanska to install new gantry sign bases on motorway verges on large schemes on the M25 and M3 and more recently to carry out a large concrete contract in the new Crossrail tunnels in London laying emergency walkways and first stage concrete.

We continue to provide a service to our clients on the motorway and tunnel network that is of the highest quality and safety and are very proud of our work and safety and of our team that work on our behalf on these projects.

Building Division

House BuildingOur house building work originally started in 2012 and was started off to give our workforce who worked on our motorway contracts work when there was a quiet spell on our concrete works during the Olympics.

We started off on renovation projects and single new build projects soon realised that as we had carried our same drive for quality and safety from our motorway work into building, the houses we produced were in great demand and the building division has gradually developed into a stand alone business.

We have gradually increased our house building, bringing in key experiences personal with the same values, and being careful to continue the highest standards and are now constructing between 10 and 20 houses per year throughout the South East, all built to the highest standards.

Roadhouse Building & Civil Engineering Ltd
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