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Civil Division

Our civil division carries out reinforced concrete and drainage works on the countries motorway network and tunnel systems.

Motorway Work

We install in-situ concrete step barrier and drainage and slot drain on behalf of PJ Davidsons UK Ltd and also install sign bases, gantry bases and wing walls for clients on the new smart motorway projects being carried out all over the UK.

We have built a reputation of producing the highest quality of work and safety management in what is a very difficult environment to work due to the nature of motorway works our projects often run 24/7 and have to be constructed on time and budget with zero defects our workforce and management have the experience and training to complete these difficult projects.

Our Work

Motorway WorkConcrete Step Barriers
Pier Protection
Concrete GantryGantry Bases
Slot DrainsSlot Drains

Tunnel Works

Roadhouse have carried out reinforced concrete works on behalf of PJ Davidsons UK Ltd in tunnels in Malmo Sweden and also in the new Crossrail tunnels in London. Our standards of quality and safety have helped us carry out this difficult work with great success.


In 2015/2016 Roadhouse completed 1500 metres of new reinforced floating track slab first stage concrete and 3000 metres of reinforced walkways in the Crossrail section between Moorgate and Farringdon. Our work included drilling 30,000 holes into the tunnel lining for reinforcement starter bars and supplying and fixing 400 tons of reinforced concrete. We also designed and built our own form and frame system to case the new first stage concrete and walkways and placed and finished over 3500M³ of concrete pumped 40 metres down from the surface. The work ran 24/7 for 8 months and was completed on time and budget. During our work we received an award from Crossrail management for outstanding quality and safety.

Tunnel WalkwayWalkway Works
Tunnel ConcretingFirst Stage Concrete
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